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10 ways to make your looks better & more impressive

Creative hacks to make your Flat look spacious & brighter.

If you feel that the walls of your flats are closing in on you, then it is about time you start thinking of remodeling the flat. It not always possible to break down the walls and add an expansion to your home. It is a costly and time-consuming affair. If you want to make your home feel brighter and spacious, then you have reached the right place.

Here we are sharing a few smart hacks to make your flat looks brighter, better, and bigger in space. 

Use foldable furniture/tables:

Foldable furniture or tables helps save more space in the room when the furniture is not in use. This enables you to use the area temporarily as well.

Replace wooden doors with glass doors:

A door closes one room from another. That is strictly the purpose, but you can think of replacing a wooden door with a glass door. Glass doors helps to create depth in the room. You can also replace the shelves with glass which can help you to organize things. 

Try multi-purpose tables:

Avoid squeezing over seating in the room. Adding large chairs/sofas can make your room look much smaller. Instead, you can use compact and multi-purpose tables. These multi-purpose tables are convenient, handy, stylish, and can be reshuffled easily with lesser efforts. 

Place furniture Outwards:

Instead of placing all your furniture closer to the walls, you can pull it forward.

Add a lounge/cabinetry:

There are many luxury flats in Dehradun, which has open floor plans. You can add an L-shaped sofa to separate the living area and the dining area. A wall-mounted console can also help give the room a floating effect.

Keep the colors light:

The darker shade of colors makes the rooms look small and tiny. To make a room look spacious and big, you can use whites and such lighter shades. Monochromatic tones can make a room look large and spacious.

Use over-sized art/paintings: 

Instead of having many smaller paintings, you can have one large painting on the wall. Try and hang it at the eye-level. It makes the room appear larger and spacious. Art provides a stylish feel to luxury homes. 

Hang a Mirror:

A mirror is the easiest thing to use to make a space look wider and larger. It not only creates a visual illusion but also reflects more light in the room. You should frame the mirror and match it with the decor of the room.

Introduce vertical playing spaces:

Vertical activity stations for painting or puzzles are one good way to keeps the kid’s space cleaner and also make the room look much bigger.

Pocket Doors:

Instead of a standard door, use pocket doors. A pocket door slides along a fixed path. This takes up less floor as well as wall space. This also causes less obstruction as the doors open in an outward direction.

Avoid the inconvenience of breaking down the walls and use these hacks instead. Finding a luxury flats in Dehradun is no more difficult as earlier. There is no such thing as space trouble if you use the above tips to make your home look larger and bigger. Owing to different areas in Dehradun, whether you own a flat in Dehradun or any property in Badowala, you can use the above hacks or tips to make your luxury flat look more spacious and bigger.